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by Michelle Chen

Nutley High School Introduces NHS Games Day

Nutley High School is introducing something new to the students and staff this spring: NHS Games Day. Mr. Williams, the NHS principal, and the NHS Student Council have been preparing for this event for quite some time now. Once the final exams schedule is determined, a date will be set for NHS Games Day.


NHS Games Day is a day where the students will compete against each other by grade level. At the event, there will be athletic and academic components. While an exact date is still yet to be determined, NHS Games day will be held on a single session in June.


This is the first year that Nutley High School will host NHS Games Day. “We wanted to start a positive tradition moving forward," said Mr. Williams. "Let's make it something where we can build in community service but have fun."


The Student Council is currently deciding the exact details for the event, but so far, there is a poetry component, an artistic component and a quiz bowl. The Student Council is hoping to get many participants for the event and is including elements for all types of students, allowing the entire student body to participate. That way, "if you’re not so athletic you can do something else,” said Ms. Williams.


Each grade level will wear a different colored shirt, creating camaraderie for each class.