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No Weight Room, No Problem: How Student Athletes Worked around the Weight Room Construction

Over the summer, the weight room had been getting remodeled for the 2023-2024 school year. Today, the weight room features plenty of new equipment, freshly painted walls and brand new floors including turf carpeting. 


The construction that took place during the summer prevented student athletes from working out in the weight room. Athletes who are frequently in the weightroom had to work around the predicament. Coach Chris Helm, head coach of the football team, helped put together a workout program and invited student athletes to participate in weight training on the Oval. 


Workouts took place three times a week, granting all athletes the opportunity to get some work in the offseason. “It was great seeing athletes from all sports participate during our work outs," Helm said. “Seeing how many students there for their sport showed me a lot about our athletes' work ethic.”


Junior football player Dom Farro felt they managed to work around the construction. “Of course, I’d rather be in the weightroom, but we were able to get a lot done and with some fun involved,” he said. 


“We had several stations that each were like 8 minutes long,” Varsity Quarterback Clark Morhbutter said. “Worked with lifting, cardio and all that good stuff. Who needs a weight room?” he joked. 


Athletes like Farro and Mohrbutter are now able to use the weight room after school. TV’s, new squat and bench racks, and plenty of brand new equipment fill up the walls. Turf carpeting installed for drills like ladders and sleds are covering the weight room floor. 


“But now with the weight room done, I have a lot planned for our athletes,” Helm said. 


Since finishing the weight room construction, the new facility has been in use and the results will show this winter.