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NHS' Thoughts on Summer Fashion

As summer 2019 approaches, new clothes are coming in, hot and fast! Everyone wants to feel confident and comfortable during this season. Nothing says summer more than feeling confident in your own choice of stylish clothes. A few NHS students share their personal favorites with the Maroon and Gray.  


Sophomore Meagan Kane says that her go-to outfit this summer will shorts and a cute t-shirt. Meagan shops at Forever 21, PINK, PacSun, and American Eagle. “I personally like to wear tank tops and shorts because I like to stay cool when it is hot, and they’re cute,” Meagan says.


Another NHS sophomore, Noor Alalwan shares how she likes to dress during summer. Noor likes to shop at the following stores;  Gap, Forever 21, and Hollister. Noor says she has a few favorite summer styles, but one of her favorites are breezy and loose-fitting clothes.“I do enjoy wearing classy, but spiced up looks over the summer and other seasons,” Noor explains.


Both Meagan and Noor agree that Forever 21 sells the best summer clothes, since their clothing varies from many items to shop for.


Lastly, for a different point of view, Ian Vega shares his favorite summer fashion. Ian shops at Zumiez, H&M, and Nike. He says his favorite store to shop at for summer is Zumiez.“It has a wide variety of clothing, but it is mostly known as a skate shop, and their clothes are loose fitting and comfortable,” Ian explains. 


Summer brings out the best and most positive side of people. More people are generally happy because there is no more school, no more tests to worry about, and vacation. Why not show off your best style while feeling like your best self.