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NHS Student Watching a Netflix Show

NHS Students Share Their Thoughts on Netflix Programs

As a student, whenever we aren’t doing things such as homework or studying, we are spending time with family and/or friends, playing video games, sleeping, playing sports, and/or other activities. One thing that I definitely do in my spare time is watch hours worth of Netflix either alone or with my family/friends. Because there are so many different types of shows to watch on Netflix, it allows viewers to see what type of genre they prefer to watch, what actors/actresses they enjoy watching the most, what director creates the best style of show, and more. In a survey sent to all NHS students, 73 participants shared details of if they watch Netflix, how many hours they spend watching it, their favorite genre, and their favorite show.


According to CNN Business, as of January 17, 2019, Netflix, “now has 139 million subscribers globally.” Approximately 92.8% of students surveyed said that they have a subscription to Netflix, and 7.2% said they don’t subscribe to Netflix.


We asked students the question, “how long do you watch Netflix per day,” and it turns out they spend quite an amount of time watching shows. The most common amount of time spent watching Netflix is from one to two hours a day, which was 47.8% of students. There were 36.2% of students who said they watch Netflix for about two to three hours. A small percentage, 7.2, of students watch Netflix for three to four hours a day, and there were 8.7% of students who said they watch Netflix even longer than that.


There are so many types of genres people watch and look for when watching a show. We asked students “which is your favorite genre?” and there were a lot of mixed results. The most popular genre was comedy, with 43.7% of students. Drama was ranked second best with 21.1% of students. Action had 16.9%, romance had 8.5%, thriller had 5.6%, and horror had 4.2% of students.


Netflix has thousands of shows to watch. Whether it be strictly for kids or a show mainly for adults, there are lots of shows people can choose from. We asked students “which is your favorite show on Netflix?” and we narrowed it down to seven popular shows along with an “other” box for those who may not have liked any of the provided shows. The seven shows were Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale, The Office (US), Stranger Things, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, and The Fosters. Based off of the seven selected shows, here are the final results from best to worst:

  • The Office (US) - 23.5%

  • The Vampire Diaries - 11.8%

  • Gossip Girl - 5.9%

  • Stranger Things - 4.4%

  • Pretty Little Liars - 2.9%

  • The Fosters - 1.5%

  • Riverdale - 1.5%


Overall, there are thousands of shows to choose from on Netflix. With an abundance of shows to watch, you’ll never be stuck with nothing. If you can’t find an appealing show, Nutley High School students have chosen their favorite shows that they recommend people to watch:

  • Friends

  • Jane the Virgin

  • Supernatural

  • That 70’s Show

  • Orange is the new Black

  • The Crown

  • Lucifer

  • Alexa and Katie

  • The Umbrella Academy

  • All American

  • Hilda

  • Dexter

  • Breaking Bad

  • Black Summer

  • Everything Sucks!

  • Glee

  • The 100

  • Grey’s Anatomy

  • Terrace House

  • Designated Survivor

  • Shameless

  • New Girl

  • The Good Place