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The NHS Marching Band at one of their Competitions

NHS Marching Band Gears Up for States Competition This Weekend

On Saturday, October 30, 2021, the NHS Marching Band will head up to Union High School for the New Jersey State Championship. This weekend, months of practice and performing will be put to the test as they face off against five other schools in a high stakes competition.


They will be performing their show called “Sideshow.” It follows the story of a runaway girl, played by Drum Major Caroline Ritacco, who wants to join the sideshow.


She leaps around, attempting and failing things like dancing, saber throwing, and even tightrope walking. All the while, the Marching Band is moving around, playing melodies that are sure to be stuck in your head and creating patterns with their uniform marching.


A fortune teller appears, ready to tell Ritacco about what her skill in the band really is.It is revealed that her true calling is actually conducting. She takes control, and leads the band into a stunning conclusion. 


Ritacco joined the NHS Marching Band in her freshman year and is currently a junior. She is a major part of the show, being the entire subject of the performance. “A staff member came up to me while conducting and said ‘you know you’re the main character of the show right?’ and I said ‘What?!’” Ritacco said. 


Filled with catchy music and complex marching patterns, the show is a spectacle to watch, and with a runtime of around ten minutes, it’s an experience that you won’t forget. 


Two years ago, the NHS marching band made it to Nationals with their show called :In Between,: winning second place. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, last year’s season had to be put on hold for the safety of the students. However, now they’re back and better than ever. 


Behind fluid steps and satisfying turns is hours upon hours of work and effort. It is a major commitment. Practices occur multiple times per week, often lasting hours at a time. “Four hours, not including being early and morning practices before competitions and games,” Alyanna Maglaqui, one of the section leaders for pit, and a junior here at NHS said. “Eight hours minimum each week.”


See this dedication for yourself on October 30, at Union High School. Nutley performs at around 9PM. Come show your support for the NHS Marching Band!