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Mr.Gurrieri Prepares for Newsies

NHS Drama Club Production 2019 Newsies

Mr.Gurrieri and the NHS drama club are back again this year, performing the hit broadway musical Newsies. Newsies is a story about working hard for what you deserve, and takes place in industrial New York in 1889.  A group of poor paper boys are fed up with the big newspaper companies because they raised the prices per paper. Those paper boys take action by going on strike even though it means giving up what little income they had.  The NHS performances will be held on March 8, 9, and 10 of 2019.


Gurrieri will not be stringing this all together by himself. With the help of Mrs. Monte and Mr. Wdowiak, he looks to bring about a show that will stick with audiences, and compliment his cast. When deciding which play to perform this year, Gurrieri had a discussion with Mrs. Monte about what would appeal to and resonate with the community. Newsies, a show with flashy choreography and an intricate storyline, will not only entertain the audience, but leave them with a moral lesson that can be applied to many aspects of life.


Auditions have already been held, roles have already been distributed, and the production of the play is now in full swing. Gurrieri is confident that not only the leads of the play but rather all those in this year’s cast are up for the task.  “The talent this year is looking really strong,” said Mr. Gurrieri. “I am looking forward to really making sure that the smaller roles get a lot of attention.”


Gurrieri, and all those who have seen Newsies before know how important choreography is to the play. Thankfully the director is confident in his performers. “Choreography is very important in this play,” said Gurrieri. “We have a solid core group of dancers.” It is great to see the director of the play confident in his talent, and that confidence should spill over onto the stage. That confidence alone can make the 2019 production one for the books.


Further information regarding the play and ticket sales will be released publicly to Nutley High School and the Nutley community as the performance dates near. For now Gurrieri and his cast will be working towards making this show memorable in the hearts of their audience, and the only thing any bystander to the play can do is wait.