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Senior Fashion Show

NHS Annual Senior Fashion Show

On Wednesday, December 1st, Nutley High School hosted its annual Senior Fashion Show at the Valley Regency in Clifton. Each year, seniors get the opportunity to dress up either formally or casually or they can show off their talents by participating in the “skit” portion of the show. The Fashion Show is an event that helps the senior class fundraise for prom at the end of the year. All seniors are able to get involved and put on a show for their friends and families. 


The chairpeople for the Fashion Show were three senior parents Danielle Ferraro, Valerie Intili, and Cynthia Genecrelli. More parents that helped out included Jen Garner, Jen Quinn, Dawn Palmieri, AnnMarie Contella, Toni Cirminiello, Gina Scutti, Kim DeLanzo, Michelle Alberti, Michelle Albert, Maddie Feliciano-Velez, Lisa Slader, Toni Pergola, Lidia Crocco, Michele Russo, Sharon Conte, Gabby Miller, Gabby Maruri, Sue Cicchetti, and Michelle Real. The senior class is so thankful for all of their help and support to make the show a success. 


This year, the Fashion Show’s theme was “Winter Wonderland.” The theme is there as a guide to help the students plan their looks. Some stayed right on the theme while others went a different route and expressed themselves. 


All of the acts are run by students, so it really gives the seniors ownership to make the show very individualized. For example, senior Madison Kwiatkowski and I put our spin on 50s glamorous fashion and made it modernized. For the casual portion of the show, students expressed their interests and dressed up as it. In total 113 students participated. Ninety-six students walked for formal and 79 for casual. 


In between formal and casual, there was a tricky tray. Many local businesses, big and small were able to donate a basket to have presented at the show. There was food and entertainment all night long which made for a very eventful Wednesday night. 


The parents and guardians of the seniors were able to come out and support their students. The room was filled with very positive energy and cheering from the audience. Some Nutley High School teachers and staff also helped make sure the show was run smoothly. They were finally able to see our faces so they were so happy to be involved. 


“I was extremely satisfied with the event,”said Danielle Ferraro, a chairperson for the show. “There was so much support and all of the kids looked amazing.” 


The Fashion Show is a way for the senior class to have fun and just enjoy their senior year. Overall, the night was filled with gorgeous looks and happy students. The Senior Fashion Show is a night that the 2022 senior class will remember forever.