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Zawar's student council speech: 2018

NHS Announces Results of Student Council Elections

On June 1, the results of the student council and class elections were announced after weeks of preparation and campaigning. For those who may have missed the announcements the results are as follows:


Student Council:


President: Zawar Ahmed

Vice President: Faith Bartell

Corresponding Secretary: Kevin Zhang

Recording Secretary: Jillian Garner

Treasurer: Eric Palomino

Student Council Advisor: Ms. Melissa Brady


Class of 2019


President: Sabrino Kuo

Vice President: Natalia Acevedo

Secretary: Jaileen Murillo

Treasurer: Grace Pula

Class Representative: Emily McIntyre

Class Advisors: Ms. Uckar 


Class of 2020


President: Lucia Rizzuto

Vice President: Raj Paghdal

Secretary: Khushi Patel

Treasurer: Shannon Granelli

Class rep: Gail Gugliuzza

Class Advisors: Mr. Abbio and Mrs. Coppola


Class of 2021


President: Samantha Daly

Vice President: Pranav Kumara

Secretary: Anish Kumar

Treasurer: Suvrat Dwivedi

Class Representative: Saumya Dwivedi

Class Advisors Ms. Benjamin and Mr. Tempsick

Students worked hard to run campaigns for these elections. “From May 10 until May 17, the students had a candidate approval packet they had to fill out," said Ms. Brady, Student Council Advisor. They got signatures from their teachers and their peers and they campaigned for about a week afterwards, from May 22 to May 29. Election day was May 30. Students created and got their speeches recorded for election day. Then students were shown videos of each candidates speeches during their history classes. Aside from seniors, every grade got to view their candidates speeches.


Links to the candidates speeches:


Student Council:

Class of 2019:

Class of 2020:

Class of 2021:



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