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New Teacher: Ms. Hart

As the 2018-2019 school year began in September, Nutley High School introduced new teachers to the students. New business teacher, Ms. Samantha Hart, joined the NHS staff. She began teaching students in Accounting, Marketing, and Financial Literacy.


Ms. Hart is very passionate about teaching and school in general. “I always wanted to be a teacher, and have always been passionate about school” she explains. Majoring in Accounting and Marketing at Rutgers Business School, she has been in the business world for some time. She plans to bring her experience of business and knowledge from her past job to her classroom and is excited to teach her students the curriculum that is offered here at NHS.


Comparing her past job to her present one, Ms. Hart loves her job of teaching. “For me, teaching is more rewarding. I love what I teach and I love seeing my students get excited about it too,” Hart said.


Hart says her best advice to students wanting to pursue a career in business is, “to get involved in lots of extracurricular activities, as it teaches you leadership skills you will need in the business world.”


Students who have Ms. Hart as their teacher explain what it is like being in her class. Joseph Ramirez, a senior at NHS, is currently apart of her Accounting class. “Despite being a nice teacher, Ms. Hart teaches at a good pace,” he says. “She gives a lot of activities such as homework and classwork to reinforce the lessons being taught.”


From her past job to her new job of teaching, Ms. Hart is ready to bring her knowledge and experience in business to her classroom and acknowledge her students to truly understand and enjoy the business curriculum NHS has to offer for her Accounting, Marketing, and Financial Literacy classes.