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New School Counselor Settles in at NHS

NHS has welcomed many new teachers and staff members this year. Ms. Nicole Iannotta began as a NHS counselor in January and has been working very hard every since. 


Ms. Iannotta  has a Bachelor's Degree in Arts with a foreign language concentration in Spanish. She also has an ESL certification. She earned her Master’s degree in science and education and a school counseling certification. Very qualified, and extremely helpful to everyone around her, Mrs. Iannotta is a great counselor to all her students and contributes to the collaborative environment of the counseling department.


Mrs. Iannotta said,“I like NHS alot. Everyone is so nice, friendly, and welcoming.” She feels that she always has someone to turn to when she needs assistance.  This year, she has learned how to work as a team with her students and her co-workers.


Before working at NHS, Iannotta worked at Kearny High School as a leave replacement. She has learned to collaborate with other people and learned how to work with other students’ needs in different ways. “Every student is different,” she said. “I have to address their needs in different ways. I just learned how to manage my time and how to work well with others.”


When Mrs. Iannotta was studying in her undergraduate career ,she was actually studying Spanish and ESL. She then realized that the students needed someone to advocate more for them, especially those who struggle with English. She wanted to help other people and when she found out about school counseling she thought it was the perfect fit for her. She’s helping students with both academic and emotional issues every day now. She is always there for her students, whether it’s about bad grades or drama with friends; she listens to them and gives them her advice to the best of her abilities.


In NHS, Ms. Iannotta works with scheduling with her students. She works with students one-on-one to make sure she gives her full attention to them so she meets their needs. She makes sure they are on track for graduating NHS and makes sure there are no missing assignments in their workload. She also focuses on what colleges the juniors or seniors should consider for  their future. She tries to help all students reach their goals and succeed.


Outside of school, Ms. Iannotta takes care of her lab pitbull mix, which takes up most of her time. She is also very close with her family and visits them at least every week. She enjoys spending time with friends, watching movies and going out to eat. During the summer, Ms. Iannotta goes down the shore all the time and loves going to the beach.