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Ms. Gumbs' Experience At NHS So Far

Ms. Gumbs is a Geophysical and Marine Science teacher who recently transferred to Nutley High School this year. Previously, she taught at Clifton High School and taught in Jersey City. And she has been in the education field for three years. She has always had a love for teaching and learning about her new students. Ms.Gumbs spoke to the Maroon and Gray on December 10, 2019, about her experience being a new teacher at Nutley High School. 


Ms. Gumbs started working with Mrs.Granelli who is an in-class support teacher in Geophysical and Environmental science. Already this year, she has had an impact on Mrs. Granelli.“Working with Ms.Gumbs, I learned a large portion of rocks, fossils, density, volume and mass that I was unaware of. I learn something new almost every day,” said Ms.Granelli.


Ms. Gumbs discussed how she prefers doing hands-on activities, interactive teaching and tries to avoid power points. Likewise, Ms.Gumbs enjoys learning about her students each year. “As a teacher, it is important to learn about your students' personalities and their way of learning, it's our job to guide them through their work and learning process,” Gumbs said.


Ms.Gumbs worked in Clifton for two years teaching Earth and Physical science, but left after Clifton discontinued the Earth Science department. She had an interview in June of 2019 and was hired at NHS before she left Clifton High School. “When I first came to NHS all the teachers were very welcoming, there is a program for new teachers called New Teacher Round Table Discussion which was beyond helpful," said Ms. Gumbs.


Ms. Gumbs has a few goals she would like to accomplish in her first year teaching at Nutley High School. For example, she would like to get to know the Nutley community better, by attending annual events like the Christmas Tree Lighting, the Italian Festival and the 4th of July fireworks. “Nutley is a wonderful community that I would like to be a part of and get to know better since I am now teaching at the High School. Nutley has been nothing but welcoming and a great atmosphere. And from what I’ve realized working her for three months is that it is a special town,” stated Ms. Gumbs. Besides, her goal is for her students to learn and to ask questions so she can help them acquire skills in her science classes.


Ms.Gumbs is more than happy to be a part of Nutley High School teachers and the Nutley community. “I am lucky and honored to be a teacher at NHS,” said Ms. Gumbs. And I am looking forward to the following months and years of my students’ growth throughout their years in high school,” Ms. Gumbs concluded.