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March Madness 2021

Every year during the month of March a college basketball tournament takes place that is called March Madness. This is the tournament where teams from all over the country from each college that is able to participate in this tournament come together and play games to see who is the best college. This year there have been many upsets in this tournament that has left people shocked. The tournament began on March 18 and ended on April 5. The winner of this tournament this year was Baylor who beat Gonzaga in the men's final.


This tournament is very important for all of the colleges all over the country because they fight for the positions in this tournament all year round. They practice their hearts out and make sure that they are the best they can be so when they get to the tournament they can potentially win. The winner of the tournament gets $1.67M for their school and also a boost the school's ratings for the sport. For example it can bring the school up from a Division 2 to Division 1 school if they win the championship. It also helps  NBA Scouts see who are the best players that might get into the NBA one day.


This tournament is played with the starting 32 teams that dropped to the Sweet 16 Which is the winner of the games from the first 32 teams then it goes to the elite which is the winner of the 16 teams that has played in those eight games then it goes to the final four which is the winners of the eight games. Then , it is the final two. This year it was Baylor versus Gonzaga and this was a big game because the majority thought that Gonzaga was going to win because of their standings which they were defeated by Baylor and Baylor came home with the trophy.


The preparation for next year's March Madness starts the day after the tournament ends. The teams and their coaches will strategize and make sure that they do everything they can do to get better for next year. They always work hard but will need to work harder to make sure that they win.


Next year, Baylor will be out to win another tournament trophy, but teams will want to beat them and teams will make sure that they do everything they can to beat them.