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Duke University loses to Michigan State 68-67

Losing The Battle, But Not The War

The Duke Blue Devils’ season came to an abrupt end Sunday, March 31, when they were beaten by Michigan State in an absolute thriller, 68-67, in their “Elite 8” showdown of the March Madness tournament.


While the Blue Devils came just one point short of a victory, their two NBA-ready prospects ended their collegiate careers in the best way they possibly could. In their final game, Williamson led the way with 24 points, 14 rebounds, and two assists. While Barrett also had a respectable performance with 21 points, six rebounds, and six assists. “R.J. and Zion are both superstar type players ready for the NBA,” Coach Mike Krzyzewski told ESPN. “They are both young, smart, and strong kids willing to put the work in to be great.”


With Duke’s loss to Michigan State in the “Elite 8”, it is likely that most people's brackets are not what they expected to be. However it is most likely to be the last time basketball fans see Williamson and Barrett in a Duke uniform. Williamson hasn't officially declared his intentions, but it would be the stunner of stunners if Williamson returned to Duke for his sophomore season because everybody is expecting him to go pro.


Williamson came into college as a viral star, a top-three prospect and one of the candidates to go No. 1 in the draft. If he leaves, he leaves as one of the most unique players to come through college basketball in decades and the clear-cut best player in the country.


"I can relate in a sense of he's been covered since he was in high school and everybody is trying to compare him to the next this or the next that," Lebron James told ESPN. "But the best thing I've noticed is he seems like a good kid. He seems like he's got his head on straight.”


With the NBA draft around the corner, both Williamson and Barrett hope their dreams of being in the Nba finally come true.