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Lions and Tigers and Finals, Oh My

Tuesday, June 18th: Not that you need a reminder, but finals are right around the corner. Studying for finals can be a stressful period, especially if you’re struggling to find the time or the willpower to put in the necessary work. It can be difficult to find motivation during finals week when all you want to do is cozy up and drink lemonade, but don’t let yourself off the hook just yet. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated and survive finals week.


According to “,” “find your favorites and try something new if your current techniques are not producing results.” The following list will help students get organized and find effective strategies to use during exams.


1. Make A Schedule: Create a to-do list and a schedule for the remaining days in the semester. Write down what exams you have on that certain day.


2. Stay Healthy: Get a good night’s sleep and avoid caffeine as much as possible. Don’t allow yourself to eat too much junk food, too. Eat a good breakfast the week of finals.


3. Stay Calm: Try to manage your anxiety. Listen to relaxing music, stretch or breathe deeply. Students can avoid stress and negative thoughts by practicing these measures.


4. Ask for Help: Meet with the teacher, a tutor or a learning specialist if needed. Don’t be afraid to get together with friends and make a practice test.


5.  Actually Study: Review your notes daily and try to focus on what is most confusing to you. Review old tests, study guides or the course objectives. Create flashcards. If you find yourself struggling to remember, try different techniques to learn the material. Just get started, don’t wait until you feel like studying.


According to NHS guidance counselor, Ms. Nicole Iannotta, she suggests being prepared and knowing your schedule beforehand. “Try to organize yourself and know which finals you have on what days and how you can prepare for them,” says Iannotta. “Time management is important, too.'


If you are someone who typically procrastinates and does things last minute, try writing out a schedule for yourself beforehand so you know what to focus on and when to start focusing on it. “If you are a master procrastinator, then you understand how stressed you can feel in that moment of cramming,” says Iannotta. “I would try to focus as best as you can and not forget to take little breaks or reward yourself when you do well.”


Stressing out over an exam will drive you (and everyone around you) crazy and will only damage your performance on the exam. Instead, try to relax. Take a break when you get frustrated. Talk to a friend. Go for a run. Grab a snack. Study for a different subject. Whatever you do, remember that this test isn't the end of the world. Twenty years from now, you probably won't even remember the reason you stressed out so much (or the grade you received).