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The Library/Media Center remains a work in progress

Many additions and improvements have been made to the Library/Media Center, and according to staff members, there's more work to be done. 


School Librarian Erin Battaglia said, “The major updates we have made to the Library/Media Center is that we are genrefying the fiction section.”  The fiction section will soon have the same feeling as Barnes and Noble. Therefore, rather than the books being in alphabetical order, they will be categorized by genre.

Battaglia is not yet sure when the library will officially be opened and updated. She said “We are not fully updated, but my guess is that it will take about five months to complete.”

As they plan to in the future open the library every day of the week, they are currently keeping it open on only Thursdays and Fridays, until they are fully staffed. Battaglia said, “Until it’s fully staffed and supervised, we will be opening the Library/Media Center on Thursdays and Fridays for classes and sign-ups during lunch.”

Currently the library is only in at some points in the day, during certain English classes, Ms. Battaglia said, “Currently we are having some English classes come in the Library/Media Center to learn about the online card catalog and browse the shelves for a book.”

The renovation also required lots of staff members and students to help fix it up. Battaglia said, “Mrs. Byrnes’ and Mrs. DellaFave's students have been helping a lot by cleaning, unloading boxes and reshelving books.  We also have had some Library ‘restock’ Saturdays where students come in from 10-2 and have been helping restocking the shelves and getting the books back in order.  I can't thank everyone enough for all the help they have contributed.  It is a true collaboration.” 

Freshman Byron Loayza visits the library during his English class. He said, “The best part about the library is the new meeting room and its facilities.”  Loayza finds the new facilities very valuable: “My class typically reads and researches in the library, we also use it to study.” He said the books that he typically enjoys reading are “mystery and thriller books.”

Teacher Megan Dellafave  allows her students to visit the library during class. She said “my students work in the library during our career exploration and vocational experiences class.” Knowing that the library is being updated, her students help out too, so that the work can get done quicker. She said “We have been moving the boxes of books from storage, unpacking them, and putting them on the shelves. We have been organizing the books by genre and cross checking the books on the shelves with the books that are listed in the database.” Dellafave likes how the library is turning out, as well. She said, “The library update has made the library so much more open and spacious. There are different places where students can have independent time, meet up with friends and collaborate together.”


To continue helping with the library, her students go as much as possible so that they really see improvements. Ms. Dellafave said, “Our classes work in the library as needed during the times our classes meet.”