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class of 2020

The Last Goodbye

As the Class of 2020 inches closer to the end of the year, the graduating class will finish their senior year with an epic bang. On June 20th, at MetLife Stadium, students will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have fun with friends at Project Graduation. 


Projection Graduation is the final event that the Class of 2020 has before going their separate ways. “It's the last bash, last party, last everything that keeps the entire grade together,”says NHS President Raj Paghdal.  It is the last chance for students to take pictures, capture their last memories together as a whole and say their final goodbyes. 


At MetLife there will be many activities for students to participate in such as laser tag, go-karts, a climbing wall, football drills, zip-lining, photo booths, video games, foosball, ping-pong, and basketball. Later on at night students will have a “silent disco” which is a station for them to put on headphones that are provided and listen to their own music genre. To cap off the night, the Class of 2020 will attend a mentalist’s show “that will leave them floored,” says Raj. 


Without the help of the NHS committee and the parents, the Class of 2020 wouldn’t have the opportunity to spend a whole day at MetLife Stadium with their classmates. Project Graduation will be a night for the seniors to not only have fun with friends, but also to remember how all these people have been with them since the beginning of their high school careers. “I am hoping to remember seeing the entire class just laughing, smiling, and taking pictures for their memories,” says Raj.