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A Picture of NHS Indoor Percussion

Indoor Percussion Returns With A Bang!

With the Marching Band season ending, a new music program is coming back into the spotlight this winter. 


Indoor Percussion is back and better than ever, accepting people from all grades to join. 


Indoor Percussions consists of a series of percussion instruments, ranging from Marimbas to bass guitars. It’s extremely open to newcomers, starting from the basics before working up to the success it’s known for.


“Anyone could totally join if they have an interest!” Said Aly Maglaqui, the center marimba for Indoor and a member since freshman year. “It’s a great experience and it fosters a great community because we spend so much time together.”


Competing in USBands and WGI Percussion circuits, our Percussion walked away with first place four years ago with their show “Toxicity”.


Two years ago, they planned to go to Dayton, Ohio for World Championships, but were halted in their tracks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Indoor has many moving parts, which all come together to create a mesmerizing form of music that you feel in your soul. 


The Front Ensemble, which is made up of things like a synthesizer, vibraphones, marimbas, and many others, sits stationary as they play their instruments. Indoor Percussion also has marching, which is done by the Battery. They carry snare drums and cymbals that they play as they move across the floor in complicated patterns. 


The group usually meets in the high school gym, and practices a minimum of eight hours per week, usually more. They meet mostly on Wednesdays and Fridays.