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In 2022, Super Bowl LVI, the Los Angeles Rams played against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Super Bowl LVI: How Nutley Celebrates

The Super Bowl has been an annual  tradition in the United States for over half a century. It eventually became an unofficial American holiday complete with family gatherings, snacks, and an elaborate halftime show.


Jayson Li, a NHS student, and Mr. Francello, a Physical Education Coach at Nutley High School (NHS), were interviewed about their experiences, opinions, and all-time favorites, whether that be teams or treats, for Super Bowl LVI. “It’s my favorite get-together of the year because of the food items served and the company I’m surrounded by,” says Mr. Francello. 


As the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals go head-to-head, there are several differing opinions backed with stats, players, and personal biases. This is the final, most important game of the football season and no fan can resist making predictions, crossing their fingers, and holding their breath in anticipation of the upcoming champions. 


Loyalty to a certain team often influences our hopes for the playoffs and, later, the Super Bowl. But what happens when our childhood favorites or consistently celebrated teams do not make it to the final game? Well, that scenario calls for a new, often temporary, bias that is based on the best players, recent stats, and possible rivalries. “I’m rooting for the Bengals because the Rams beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship last weekend,” said Mr. Francello.  


However, no matter how passionately we may advocate for one team or how much logic goes into the decision, there are always disagreements. It is not uncommon that one watches the game with whom they share no common ground. “As much as I want the Bengals to destroy the Rams, it’s not exactly logical. First of all, the Rams Stadium is the host stadium. Home field advantage is key and, personally, I think the Rams have an overall better squad,” says Jayson, “but my dad believes in miracles and has faith in the Bengals.”


Whether you are hosting or visiting, the Coronavirus could have easily put a dent in previous plans when it came to parties or gatherings. However, the upcoming year has grown promising and the opportunity to resume annual celebrations has emerged once again. “My wife’s parents have a party every year,” says Mr. Francello, “and, like I said, it’s my favorite get-together of the year because of the food items and company.” 


Along with the Super Bowl season comes a variety of different snacks, recipes, and more. Amongst and possibly above the most favored foods are chicken wings. The way they are seasoned, cooked, and dipped depend on the individual. From buffalo to grilled, there is a wing for everyone and, quite honestly, the Super Bowl would not be the same without its outstanding eats. “Wings and football just go together. Super Bowl foods are my favorite of any other holiday,” says Mr. Franchello.


No matter how you celebrate the Super Bowl, get-togethers, snacks, and arrangements never cease to impress. Despite COVID’s potential impact, we have been able to bounce back and continue the American tradition for years to come.