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NHS Hygiene Drive Flyer

Silia Dimasi Leads First Ever Women's History Month Hygiene Drive

The Women’s Activism Club and the Key Club  are partnering up together for the first time to host a hygiene drive throughout the high school, where the collected supplies will be donated to an organization in need. Women’s Activism member Silia Dimasi said, “While there have been school-wide drives where the proceeds go to organizations helping women, this is the first drive created with the intention of using Women’s History Month as an opportunity to give to those less fortunate.”  


The products that are collected will be forwarded to either Hope Through Care in Clifton, New Jersey or the Nutley Care Pantry. The Key Club advisors will decide which place to donate to and will make this decision yearly as well.


The listed products that are eligible for donation are shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste, menstrual products, lotion, deodorant, soaps, hair brushes/combs, hair ties, and hygiene wipes. No other products are acceptable for donation. Dimasi said, “As the donations will be made into hygiene care packages, it’s important that the packages have the same items inside of them.” 


Anyone looking to donate products will have to go to either to Mr. Dickerson’s room (A323) or Mrs. D’Urso’s room (202). 


This hygiene drive will only be run from Wednesday, March 1 until Friday, March 17 to stay on track with Women’s History Month. Dimasi said, “In the week following, members of the Key Club and Women’s Activism Club will take the donated hygiene products and make care packages. By the final week of the month, the completed packages will be delivered to the recipient of our donations.” 


This hygiene drive will only be held once during the 2022-20223 school year; however, the members hope to see it more often in years to come. Dimasi said, “While Key Club runs many drives throughout the school year and Women's Activism Club is well known for its annual Period Drive, this collaborative hygiene drive is a new addition. This is the only time it will be held in the 2022 - 2023 school year, but I hope it becomes a recurring drive in the high school community.”