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Sam Pesin Working Hard To Keep The Liberty State Park From Becoming Another Golf Course.

On October 27, 2021, Sam Pesin, the current president of Liberty State Park (LSP) spoke on behalf of the park and the privatization plans he is trying to fight. Sam’s father founded the popular Liberty State Park, Sam has spent most of his life in the park either helping his father, enjoying the scenery, or fighting for the park. “My father, Morris Pesin spent 18 years leading the movement to create the Liberty State Park, and I will spend my life making sure it stays open for the people just like he intended no matter what,” said Pesin. 


Liberty State Park was founded in 1976 by Morris Pesin. The Park is located in Jersey City, NJ. Liberty State Park has many different and beautiful aspects “The park is a recreational, historical, and natural treasure where people of all ages, skin colors, religions, and cultural backgrounds enjoy themselves together. LSP is a beautiful place with its lawns, trails, views, and also its many gardens,” Pesin said 


Although the park is beautiful, it is extremely difficult for Sam to make sure it stays open, since somebody is always trying to build something new. It is very important to Mr. Pesin to keep the park available to all. “If parts of Liberty State Park get privatized, then that urban open space and urban nature would be lost to people today and future generations. Liberty State Park is important for people's happiness with many benefits to people's "quality of life." LSP is a very scarce free and green urban open space and urban nature in this crowded and concrete area. LSP is an emotional, mental and physical health public resource,” he said.


President Sam Pesin talked about ways to help make sure the park is kept public. He also explained what privatization truly means.“Private companies want to make money off the park because of the view towards New York City and The Statue of Liberty. If privatized the park would be used for businesses and to make money. We need people to help now more than ever. People have always been involved in protecting the park as a free, open, and green park by putting democracy into action with petitions, phone calls, postcards to the governor, public hearings, protests, and letters to the newspaper. People must help the park in any way they can. They can help now by supporting the LSP Protection Act.”


Liberty State Park holds fond memories for many people around New Jersey. People do not want to see the part go. Leydi Armijos, a student at Kearny High School, has had some of her favorite memories in the park. “My mom and I had a great time. We went to Liberty State Park. I don't know what I would do without the park. I could not bear to think of other families unable to create memories there as I did. Plus there are already enough golf courses we don't need another one especially if it’s taking away part of a public park ” she said.


Students are not the only ones with fond memories in the park. Mothers like Ana Polanco bring their children to enjoy the fresh air outside. “I go to Liberty State Park with my daughter almost every Saturday. We volunteer, garden, pull weeds, we even have fundraisers like races and barbecues. My favorite part is protesting for the park. I hate we have to fight for the park but, seeing everybody come together for the park is amazing,” said Ms. Polanco


“People should get involved with fairness and environmental issues in their neighborhood, city, state, and nation to make a difference in making the world a better place. For people who use LSP or have heard about this urban park behind the Statue of Liberty and if they've heard about this important cause of the Protection Act, I feel it would be great if they added their voice to once and for all help protect this public land from privatization. I am so grateful for the people who volunteer and come to the parks protest,” Pesin said