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Nutley’s First Female Wrestler

For the first time in history, Nutley High School Wrestling has introduced a female onto their team. Freshman Mariah Koster does not have a starting varsity spot, but she will wrestle in many girls’ league and junior varsity tournaments throughout the year. Mariah has to train this season for the newly created, New Jersey Girls State Wrestling Tournament which will be held in February. 


Mariah has a lot of challenges ahead of her, but is mainly focused on becoming a better wrestler. Mariah explains,” I’ve been wrestling since fourth grade and I just enjoy the sport.” 


After reaching the high school level, the real world of wrestling has hit Mariah. At this point in the season she’s been getting lots of reps in practice in the room. In Nutley’s practice room there are several senior wrestlers that could help her greatly. The expectations for the future of this wrestling team are in her hands, considering she is one of the few freshmen wrestlers to come out for the sport this year.


Mariah is one of three freshmen on the NHS wrestling team this year. The other two weigh around 106 pounds, while Mariah only weighs 85 pounds. Nutley’s head coach Mike Dipiano knows that while small in stature, Mariah has determination and heart. "She only weighs around 90 pounds, so she was giving up weight, but she is extremely tough and mentally strong, so that helps her tremendously,” Dipiano said. Mariah pushed herself recently in a tournament, earning a third place medal.


After this accomplishing a third place medal for herself and the high school, Mariah is straight back in the room, preparing for what comes next. Mariah has to look forward to the Girls' State Wrestling Tournament this year, where she can prove her place in the state. This tournament allows the girls to separate from the boys and rank themselves upon their own gender. Mariah will compete in the 100 pound weight class for this highly renowned tournament.


Mariah has a lot to look forward to in her future wrestling career with Nutley. She is being coached by a 14-year Nutley wrestling coach and many other alumni. The girls' movement in wrestling is booming right now, allowing Mariah to shine for the Nutley team.