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A photo of Jade with her achievement

Nutley Raiders Meet The Bulldogs: Yale’s 2020 Summer Program

Jade Giron, a junior at Nutley High School, recently applied for Yale’s 2020 Summer Program and was accepted.


Jade is getting ready to move onto her future and applied to Yale’s Program to try and get an understanding of what it would be like to apply for colleges. She hoped that the benefits that would come from applying would move with her as she began to go on in her life. She was quite surprised when she got accepted into the program. Her family, friends, and Nutley Staff were there to support her. “ I have received nothing but positive feedback and they are all happy for me to go and experience this!” said Jade.


Her application method was more focused on essay writing. Yale does not require applicants to submit a transcript, so grades weren’t really of importance. “What really differed the applicants were the essays that they wrote,” she said, explaining the reasoning to why she may have been accepted. Along with her essay, her guidance counselor and teachers helped her along, sending in her information to the program and writing letters of recommendation.


Jade applied for Yale's Solving Global Problems course, to take place this summer in July from the 19th to the 31st. She will attend the course on Yale's campus and begin to get a feel for college courses and life.


Nutley staff and students wish her the best of luck as she continues to grow and gets ready to face her future.