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Anna Contini, Jenna Hughes,Kaitlyn Gavidia, and Gianna Zoppi at their senior night for soccer

NHS Senior Nights

Senior nights at NHS are very special. They are nights dedicated to the seniors to make them feel appreciated and celebrate their final season of that sport. Unfortunately, some sports such as basketball did not get to have a senior night this year because of COVID-19. However, Seniors: Anna Contini, Gianna Zoppi, and Ryan Breihof share how their personal senior nights went this year. 


Anna Contini has played soccer and run track for all her four years at NHS. The girls and boys soccer teams had a really nice senior night this past fall. Anna says, “Senior nights are a nice thing the high school does to make seniors feel appreciated.” The younger girls on the soccer team made each senior a poster and baskets of gifts. They announce all the senior's names and make the whole night dedicated towards them. For soccer, their senior night was before their game. 


Over the years, Nutley High School has been doing big senior nights, similar to many other towns. Some people may not think much of them, but they are very special nights for the seniors and their parents. Senior nights are special for parents because they get to remember the past years of their child playing sports and achieving so much. 


Gianna Zoppi personally really enjoyed her soccer senior night. This is a night to remember that students look forward to for years. She says, “Having my name called, taking pictures with my family, and having my teammates celebrate with us seniors was something I had been waiting to do since I was a freshman.” She overall loved her senior night. She says the team you have is a big part of how senior night goes. “Having such a caring and close-knit team is one of the things that factored into the seniors enjoying the night,” she expresses. 


Ryan Breihof is also a senior at NHS. He plays baseball and had a very successful senior night just last month. He said, “I wouldn’t have pictured it to go any better.” He mentioned how with COVID-19, all odds were against them but with all his teammates who are like brothers to him, everything went well. 


Gianna Zoppi says, “I would not change senior night for anything!” I am sure all seniors who got to experience senior night would agree with her.