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NHS' Scholarship Night Awards Money to Outgoing Seniors

Scholarship Night is a tradition at NHS. Over 80 seniors, from the graduating class of 2018, were awarded scholarships at this annual event.


This year's Scholarship Night was held on June 12 at 7:00 p.m. at Nutley High School. This NHS program benefits many students over the years. This event allows students and staff to come together for one night and pay recognition for the chosen seniors. The scholarships given are funded through local community organizations, colleges, elementary PTOs, and private citizens.


Nutley's Director of School Counseling, Mrs. Jill Divilio, spearheaded NHS’ scholarship night. She explained that Scholarship Night predates her arrival to NHS and has been taking place within the school and community for decades.


In 2017, the amount of scholarships combined were worth approximately $162,000. This year, the scholarships were worth $174,725. Mrs. Divillo explained the positive benefits of Scholarship Night. “It helps alleviate costs of higher education; helps buying books, reduce tuitions, and paying gas.” The scholarships are not only limited to use for tuition cost. It’s also an opportunity which provides help for other necessities in the life of these upcoming college students. Scholarship Night continues to receive nothing but positive feedback for its beneficial experience it offers.