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Netflix’s Rings in the New Year with an Overflow of New Content

As one of the most stressful years in recent memory comes to a close,  Netflix has greeted the new year with many new original series, movies, and documentaries for their audiences to enjoy, many of which have made the U.S. Top 10. From a series based on a best selling romance novel, to a movie inspired by the adventures of Arséne Lupin, to a documentary that revolves around the question of life after death; Netflix has options for everyone to enjoy to ring in the new year. 


Though it was released December 25, 2020, the new Netflix series based on a romance novel by Julia Quinn, Bridgerton, has received lots of attention in 2021. Currently rating number 1 in the U.S. Top 10, Bridgerton is a series based in the British Regency era of London where high-society families conspire in pairing off their eligible daughters and sons. In a New York Times article that reviews Bridgerton, author, James Poniewozik, points out, “The most interesting departure is the racial integration of the nobility, explained midway through the eight-episode season as an accident of history and love.”


Different than other productions based on this time period, creator Chris Van Dusen and producers put a twist on this historical era by including modern aspects that are shown when making the main couple interracial. The series does touch on actual history that happened during this time period, leading to more modern historical film in which why Bridgerton sticks out from others similar films 


Making its debut on January, 8th, Netflix’s new film Lupin rose quickly in popularity throughout the U.S, marking the first French production to reach the U.S. Top 10 list. Currently placed number 2 behind Bridgerton, the film is based on an old French novel created in 1905 by Maurice LeBlanc, in which this character has been adopted in many films and series before. But what many say is that the star of the film, Omar Sy, who plays Assane Diop, made this specific film stand out from the others.


In an article published by Decider, author Meghan O’Keefe explains, “the show is a slick international heist show about a modern day man, Assane Diop (Sy), who uses the legacy of “Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar,” as a roadmap to revenge.” Omar Sy puts a modern twist on the tale when his character plays a modern day thief that takes inspiration from the original Arséne Lupin. An international hit, the modernization of the French film has hooked the attention of the U.S. audience. 


Also released on January 8, season three of the Karate Kid sequel series Cobra Kai was filled with much nostalgia for families, after the series developed its newly devoted fanbase from the first two seasons. Author Pete White of an article published by Deadline writes, “The streamer revealed that it is on course for more than 41M households to have watched Season three of the show – the first to premiere exclusively on Netflix – in its first 28 days. This makes the drama from Sony Pictures TV one of its top 10 returning original series.” Though it has not come to a surprise that the spinoff series has done well across the world, taking social media’s attention when actors Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso and William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence star. The combination of comedy, drama, and of course nostalgia has intrigued many families in enjoying this series. 


Released on January 6, the documentary series, Surviving Death, left many questioning their idea of life after death or even connecting to the personal experiences and studies shown on death. Directed by Ricki Stern and based on the book by Leslie Kean, the docuseries takes a deeper look into the concept of life after death. In a Decider article by author, Joel Keller, she explains the documentary as thought provoking, “Not that it takes a skeptical approach, but Ricki Stern tries to find as many scientific viewpoints as possible, at least in the NDE episode. These experts don’t try to explain the unexplainable; they do relate that these studies have changed how they view things, even if there still isn’t hard scientific fact behind their change in viewpoint.” Touching the topics of near-death experiences, mediums, reincarnation, or signs from the deceased; the phenomena was taken from a scientific view point in combination of personal anecdotes of people who have had personal experiences in this area. The almost skeptic point of view that was taken in directing this documentary made a concept that seemed almost crazy and made many start to become more open minded. 


Whether it is enjoying a  nostalgic laugh watching during a spinoff series or rethinking your concept of life after watching a documentary, Netflix has brought many new productions to their audiences in hopes that some could take a break from the current reality and indulge in a different one.