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Music During the Pandemic

During a time of despair, music is able to unite people. As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to leave the world in a lockdown, people need something to keep them sane and their spirits up Music does that. The music industry has suffered greatly from this pandemic with cancellations of festivals, world tours and promotion for artists’ new music. However, artists and music companies are doing their best to maintain the industry and spread love through music. 


Scott Greenstein, the President and Chief Content officer of the radio state SirirusXM stated that, “With the postponement of beloved events, necessary changes in people’s everyday life, and need for social distancing, we know our listeners are seeking a sense of community more than ever.” Many events have gone virtual, meaning artists are performing live on platforms like Instagram and Youtube. On April 18, Global Citizen hosted a “together at home” event that starred artists like Lady Gaga. Events like this try to make music as normal as possible for people stuck at home.


With the cancellation of major concert events, crew workers are now jobless. Companies like Live Nation have donated money for those workers and they continue to spread information about the donations so other people could donate as well. Luckily for artists, what most of them are able to do during this time, is write music. Musician Harry Styles stated that he is “writing so much” and believes that “a lot of powerful music is going to come from this because people need to express themselves.”


Although the music industry is experiencing a decline in revenue for live events, music continues to unite people. Music is universal and if people need any sort of distraction from the world or to feel united, then music is the answer.