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Mr. Vicchiariello Takes On Role of Coordinator for Fine, Practical, and Performing Arts.

Mr. Vicchiariello, also known as Mr. V is the well-known director of Bands for Nutley High School. He is known for his exquisite performing band as well as being one of the best music teachers in this school. Mr. V has worked in the Nutley School District for 12 years. He has touched many lives while in this position and most students who are lucky to have him as a teacher and consider him their favorite one.


At the February 28th Board of Education, Mr. Vicchiariello, was appointed as the Coordinator of Fine, Practical, and Performing Arts - effective July 1. On June 30, he will leave his previous position as Band Director, but as Alexander Graham Bell once said, “As one door closes another one opens.”


As Mr. V accepted this new and exciting job it called for an obvious change in responsibilities. For starters, he is now in charge of coordinating programs at Nutley High School as well as the overall district. These specific programs include music, robotics,  art,  computer classes, culinary, TV,  woodworking/metalworking/electrical, finance classes, photography, and theater. Mr. V is accountable for managing and being a support to the teachers of these programs. “Some of the other duties that are included in the job are meetings, professional development, curriculum writing, budgeting, observations, supporting all of our programs, and filling in where anyone may need help,” Mr. V states.


To Mr. V this job means a lot and he is  honored to be selected for this position. “By being someone who is going to be leading an entire department and staff, I feel that we can create and build upon the foundation that is already here,” Mr. V says.  


Sometimes many people can tend to forget that Mr. V is a Nutley High School alumnus. He grew up in this town and is a product of the Nutley Public School district. When he first caught a job in Nutley 12 years ago,  he was overjoyed since he was working in his hometown. To that point, he was also doing something that he loved which was teaching instrumental music. He had been a part of this music program for almost his whole life.. Mr. V states, “Let’s just say, I started my career here, I continued my career here and I would like to end my career here.” 


It is an emotional time for many students as well as Mr. V.   Even though there will be a new band director and Mr. V will have new responsibilities, Mr. V will still be a familiar face popping around the school. He will offer help to any student who needs it.  “Our students here at NHS are motivated and talented and are a part of a family that stands by each other’s sides.” 


Mr. V is going to miss many aspects concerning being the Director of Bands. "The one thing that I am going to miss the most is the family culture that I have created with all of the band students in our program,’’ he says. While he and his students have had their ups and downs at the end of the day they are always there for each other. If you think about it mathematically they spend the majority of their time with one another. Even more than their actual families but they all adore it. “Yes, being a band director is long hours, but I will never forget or regret any of it,” he said.


Remonacing over the past 12 years while working in the Nutley School District, Mr. V shared his proudest moment. While he stresses there have been many if he only could pick one it would be winning the 2019 US Bands Group IV-A New Jersey State Championship. This came along with many caption awards that were won amongst the NHS Marching Band.  A moment from this event that Mr. V will never forget is when he was standing on the track listening closely for awards. The presenter spoke forth proclaiming another school with second-place which meant that NHS would be the champions. From Mr. V’s perspective, the students kept composure, but as Nutley High School was announced as the overall winner everyone broke into various groups of embraces and cheers. To him, it seemed as if time had slowed down. “It was electric,” Mr. V says. Everyone that night was ecstatic and thrilled, he even has a picture in his office of two students holding him on their shoulders. “This night was probably one of the proudest moments of my career,” Mr. V stated.


Overall it is going to be a tough transition as students see Mr. V leave his position as the Director of Band to a new one. Throughout his career, he has strived to always put forth his students before anything else and has succeeded in doing so.  He created everlasting memories with his students, but is now the time for Mr. V to embark on a new journey. He has had numerous mentors in his life who have helped him get to where he is today.  Mr. V is more than grateful for this opportunity and will continue to stay by his hard work ethic. “The students know that I am always there for them, but now it is time for me to help and impact more than just the band students in Nutley.”