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Maintaining Mental Health for Students of NHS

As Nutley High School, transitioned into virtual learning, mental health has been prioritized, more than ever. As students learn from home, it is important that they engage in conversations about mental health, specifically on how to improve and maintain it. Virtual learning may bring various factors that strain mental wellness. Due to this, NHS has provided multiple resources and ways to reach out. “It's important for students to know that they should reach out to a school counselor if they need additional support for themselves or for someone they know,” says Mrs. Gerckens, the NHS Director of School Counselling. She further explains, “This is so that we can provide assistance, counseling, resources, treatment or referral options to keep them safe.”


It is recommended that students try their hardest to maintain their connections and relationships with school counselors, extra curricular activities, and their peers, during this time. This provides different outlets for teens at NHS, to talk to other people about mental wellness. Mrs. Gerckens states, “Just know that you are never alone and there is a ton of support here for NHS students, just reach out!” Over the past months, Nutley High School has come together as a community, to make sure all students are included and reached out to. 


September was Suicide Awareness and Prevention month — a month to discuss and inform about the reality of suicide. Mrs. Cassilli, NHS Student Assistance Coordinator, recorded an informative video, teaching parents how to support their children, while also instructing/training students, at meetings. “This week the counselors facilitated discussions about reducing the stigma around mental health and how to increase protective factors in the lives of NHS student,” says Mrs. Gerckens.


Scheduled meetings have been set up for students attending NHS every day of the week. This gives Nutley High School the opportunity to come together as a community to start conversations and discussions about mental wellness. “It's so important to keep mental health in the forefront of our conversations, and make sure to check in on one another and maintain our connections and relationships as best as we can.” Mrs. Gerckens explains. Meetings are available for parents and students to join together, once a month, to discuss any at-home issues and to relate/talk to other families. 


Monitoring and being aware of one’s mental wellbeing is key for success. During virtual learning it is vital to prioritize having a well maintained mindset. Nutley High School is here to help students by doing just that. Students are given several resources and outlets to discuss mental health, with counselors, other peers, their families, and so much more. It is important that NHS comes together during this time of struggle. No one is alone and will always be provided with support at Nutley. 


***All links to join listed events are on the Wellness Programs page of the School Counseling website. Information and resources on the Wellness Resources page and share lessons and activities on our Schoology Group. To join the NHS School Counseling Schoology group, enter this access code:  566J-H3SG-TQCRR