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Kimberly J. Brown at an award show.

Halloweentown, What Are They Up to Now?

Since Halloween just passed, everyone is raving about Halloween movies. Disney Channel's HalloweenTown is a classic. The 1998 film has been popular for about two decades now. The public enjoyed it so much that three sequels followed the first movie. HalloweenTown tells the story of a young girl, Marnie Piper, and her siblings who follow their grandmother back home to Halloweentown. After finding out she is a witch, Marnie is destined to learn about her powers, and more about her heritage. To this day, Halloweentown is a family favorite movie and perfect for this time of year. Wonder what the cast is up to now? Read on to find out!


Kimberly J. Brown started off her acting career with HalloweenTown, starring as the main character, Marnie Piper. At the time of the movie, Brown was 13-years- old; she is now 36. After the first movie, she starred in the sequels and another Disney Channel Original, Quints. To this day, she continues to act and also sells HalloweenTown merchandise on her personal website, CraftilyCreative.


Debbie Reynolds, also known as Aggie Cromwell was one of the big stars of the movie as well. Playing the fun grandmother/witch, everyone loved her. Before Halloweentown however, Reynolds starred in movies such as Singin' in the Rain, The Unsinkable Molly, Tammy, and The Tender Trap, states Entertainment Weekly. She also continued to play Aggie in the three sequels. After Halloweentown, she lived on her acting career, up until her unfortunate death in 2016. 


Judith Hoag played as Gwen Cromwell Piper, was the Piper children's protective mother who didn’t want to involve her children with Halloweentown or her witch family history. Upon this role, Hoag began her acting career with a role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Afterwards, she continued to work as guest roles on popular shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Bones, Six Feet Under and Criminal Minds.


Joey Zimmerman, known as the infamous Dylan Piper, the sarcastic little brother, was already starting off his acting career before HalloweenTown. He continued to play in the three sequels afterwards, and guest starred in popular shows such as That 70’s Show and Lizzie Miguire. Now, he isn't really doing much acting, but instead a photographer and co-creator of a media company called ZFO entertainment.


Emily Roeske was only 6-year-old when she was cast as Marine’s little sister. She too played in the sequels, but well after the third movie Roeske decided to retire from acting. She is now a mixed martial arts teacher at Surprise Family Karate in Arizona.


Although Halloweentown came out about two decades ago, this movie will never not be a fan favorite, classic Halloween movie to get ready for the spooky season!