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Picture showing the flag of the LGBTQ Community, with two hands that make out a heart.

Florida and North Dakota’s Anti-Transgender Bill

Within April, two states in the United States have launched Anti-Transgender Bills. North Dakota’s Governor, Doug Burgum, vetoed a bill that would have restricted transgender girls from participating in public school sports. Florida’s bill, SB 1028, would also ban transgender youth from participating in school sports due to their new identity. 


The NDHSAA Transgender Student Board Regulation states that a transgender man who has taken testosterone “may compete in a contest for boys.” However, transgender women can compete in activities for boys, until completing one year of documented testosterone suppression medication. Many members of the LGBTQ+ community will be affected by this bill if it were to pass. Seeing as this is this bill is transphobic towards the transgender community, many people have been protesting against it.


Protesters are olding up signs that say, “Trans rights are human rights!” and “Stop Trans hate!” The bill can only be passed if both the House and Chamber receive two/thirds votes. However, Gov. Doug Burgum vetoed the bill, shutting down this discussion. States like Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee, have come around with similar bills to the ones that have been vetoed. Yet, in the state of Florida, the Senate passed an Anti-Transgender bill (SB 1028).


Florida’s House of Representatives has just passed a bill that prevents transgender women from participating in girls; sports throughout school and college. Along with this, a physical examination would also be conducted if the gender identity was disagreed upon. There are around 250 Anti-LGBTQ Laws throughout the United States. 66 of those bills target the Transgender Community, which affects them in playing sports. Many sides of both political parties have spoken up about the bill.


Senator Victor Torres says, “ I ask you please, kill this. We don’t need this.” While Senator Kelli Stargel claims, “This is not against trans women, but they are stronger than the other women on the team. There are studies that have shown they are stronger,” Some may say this is a statement that is against the LGBTQ Community, while others agree with Senator Kelli. However, the bill had been ‘Oked’ by the Senate. Many Democrats and LGBTQ activists have spoken up against the bill. Gina Duncan, director from transgender equality of Equality Florida, says “...their mission to make trans children pawns in their culture war,” 


Within this year alone, there are multiple Anti-LGBTQ Laws that have passed onto the Senate.  When certain laws, like Florida Bill, were being passed, multiple democrats completely dismissed the idea, saying it would hurt transgender youth, also saying that it would make their school experience harder. President Joe Biden had made it very clear, that he would do anything to be there for the Transgender Community during this time. 


Since the bill in Florida and North Dakota, more states have been coming together with harmful laws for the LGBTQ Community, specifically transgenders. Along with bills being tried, there have also been many acts towards the LGBTQ. However, some citizens throughout the United States stand in protest.