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Students eating, chatting, and enjoying the movie!

CORE Ambassadors Host Halloween Lunch

The Community Outreach Representatives for Education (CORE) held a Halloween lunch on October 28th in the Principal's Conference Room to welcome incoming freshmen and transfer students. CORE Vice President Skyler Yero said, "It's nice for the freshman because they’re adjusting to a new school so being involved with the upperclassmen will make them feel more comfortable.” 


CORE is a group of student leaders and their purpose is to create an inclusive school environment through prominent leadership. Other responsibilities of the ambassadors include helping new students adjust to the high school and coordinate monthly events within the school community. The CORE advisors are Mrs. Lewis and Ms. Zarbetski; the CORE officers are President Marcella Blancato, Vice President Skyler Yero, and Secretary Silia Dimasi. 


Yero said, “We always try to think of fun activities we can do within the school community right away. The beginning of the school year is always so stressful so it’s nice to have something you can do with your schoolmates to just chill out and enjoy yourself."


At lunch the group enjoyed the film "Hocus Pocus," while they snacked on candy, cookies, chips and water. 


Students strolled in and out throughout the lunch. Blancato said, “Events like this are always nice because it encourages students to involve themselves more. When you are given the opportunity to arrive at and leave an event whenever you want, people are more inclined to show up because they don’t feel pressured into staying somewhere for a long period of time.” 


“The whole lunch was a blast,” Senior Adrianna Quinn said. “It’s nice to be able to do things like this especially after missing most of high school due to the pandemic. I cherish all of these moments as my time here is coming to an end.”