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Confused on Who's Running for President in 2020? Here's the List

November 2020. Twenty months away and yet Presidential candidates on the Democratic side are gearing up to face President Trump in the 2020 election. At the time of publication, 13 Democrats announced that they are running for president. While they are all in the same party, each candidate brings their own views as to how they believe the country should be run and how to defeat the incumbent. After the 2016 election, many Democrats have moved to a more liberal view, fighting for universal healthcare or free tuition while some have rejected a move left and are staying moderate. Here is a look at the candidates in order of their announcement.


John Delaney: July 28, 2017

Representative for Maryland’s 6th District

He has already visited all 99 counties in Iowa, a key part to winning Democratic primaries and the nomination. Delaney has pledged to work with both parties and be “Unifier in Chief.”


Tulsi Gabbard: January 11, 2019

Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd District

Iraq War Veteran, Gabbard was the first Hindu member of Congress. At only 37-years-old, her age, lack of fame within the public, and questionable foreign policy stances may be her downfall.


Julian Castro: January 12, 2019

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Also former Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Castro was a possible Vice Presidential Candidate for Hillary Clinton in 2016. According to ABC News, he is running in 2020, “because it’s time for new energy and it’s time for a new commitment to make sure that the opportunities I’ve had are available for every American.”


Kirsten Gillibrand: January 15, 2019

Junior Senator of New York

Gillibrand is one of the Democrats who has moved her ideologies left, as she previously held an “A” rating from the NRA. In the 2020 election, Gillibrand is positioning herself as a champion for sexual assault victims since she is best known for leading the Campus Accountability and Safety Act in the Senate, which would, "hold colleges accountable for sexual assault on their campuses."


Kamala Harris: January 21, 2019

Junior Senator of California

Announcing her candidacy on Martin Luther King Day, Harris is already considered one of the frontrunners for the Democratic Nomination. Former two-term Attorney General for California, she is making headlines for her stances on marijuana and her hardline questioning of Trump officials during committee hearings.


Pete Buttigieg: January 23, 2019

Mayor of South Bend, Indiana

Along with Gabbard, Buttigieg is one of the first millennial candidates in a sea of older candidates. He is seen as the next generation of the Democratic party as an openly gay veteran of the war in Afghanistan.


Cory Booker: February 1, 2019

Junior Senator of New Jersey

Also the former Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Booker is best known for his ability to capture an audience with his public speaking skills. In the Senate, Booker has introduced the Next Step Act which is intended to further reform the criminal justice system. On The View, he said he is running for president to, “restore our sense of common purpose, to focus on the common pain that we have all over this country."


Elizabeth Warren: February 9, 2019

Senior Senator of Massachusetts

Though she rang in the New Year by announcing her exploratory committee for president, Warren officially launched her campaign in early February by declaring she would, "fight to build an America where dreams are possible.”


Amy Klobuchar: February 10, 2019

Senior Senator of Minnesota

Her reputation for being tough as nails was cemented when she made her candidacy announcement in the middle of a snowstorm. As a senator from the Midwest, Klobuchar is seen as a real competitor against President Trump because of her moderate views and ability to maintain her seat where Trump won in 2016.


Bernie Sanders: February 19, 2019

Junior Senator of Vermont

His campaign for the Democratic Nomination in 2016 rocked the Democratic party as Sanders was able to excite younger generations while raising millions in small donations. For the 2020 election, it will be interesting to see if Sanders can garner the same attention since many other candidates have adopted the positions he made popular.


Jay Inslee: March 1, 2019

Governor of Washington

As Governor, Inslee has raised the minimum wage and increased access to early childhood education. However in his Presidential run, he has chosen to focus on defeating climate change. Inslee believes the “country's next mission must be to rise up to the most urgent challenge of our time: defeating climate change.”


John Hickenlooper: March 4, 2019

Former Governor of Colorado

Like many other Democrats running for president, Hickenlooper has chosen to make his campaign about unification. In his launch video, Hickenlooper said, "I've proven again and again I can bring people together to produce the progressive change Washington has failed to deliver."


Beto O’Rourke: March 14, 2019

Former U.S. Representative for Texas

In the 2018 Senate race in Texas, O’Rourke caught national attention for his ability to gain traction in a deep red state. Though he lost the race to incumbent Senator Ted Cruz, his popularity and character had many Democrats anxious for his announcement.


And there you have it. The complete list of Democrats running for president. In the next year, there will be debates, primaries, caucuses and possibly more candidates, all to determine who will represent the Democratic party and face President Trump in the general election.


No word yet on Kanye's bid for president.


*Photos of the candidates are rotating in the order they appear in the article