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Class Of 2020 Makes The Most Out Of College Decision Day

For NHS seniors, May 1st is the day where the Class of 2020 was expected to celebrate with their friends by taking pictures on the Oval, in the senior courtyard and at the park behind the school. They anticipated smiling proudly with their classmates while wearing their college apparel. Due to the coronavirus, this has caused many events to be cancelled or even pushed back, therefore College Decision Day looked very different this year.


“I was extremely excited to show off my plans for the next four years at the high school. I was expecting to answer a lot of questions about my school and also asking people questions about their schools”, says NHS President Raj Paghdal. Students used their car horns to drive through town, in their college apparel on May 1st.


The Class of 2020 celebrated College Decision Day by meeting up in their cars on the New St. entrance to the high school on May 1. Students then drove behind one another, in their college-themed decorated cars and had a honk parade on Franklin Ave. “It was a mixture of excitement and disappointment. "We couldn’t have a normal decision day in the high school, but we still had an opportunity to come together and show our pride,” says NHS President Raj Paghdal. The Class of 2020 drove around town, honked their horns and they all drove to the teacher parking lot behind the school. “It gave people a chance to truly appreciate their hard work and feel recognition from friends and family,” says NHS Senior Anthony DePersio. 


The Class of 2020 is still standing united, strong and they will remember this day being impacted by coronavirus, but it not affecting their pride and wanting to honoring each others accomplishments. “I think it was extremely important because it represents the second half of senior year where stress free life starts. We all committed to our schools, and now we can sit back and enjoy the last few weeks we would have with high school and our childhood friends. We would be able to do all this while feeling accomplished,” says President Raj Paghdal. “It's a day to be happy about where you are going to spend your next 4 years and people should be optimistic,” says Anthony DePersio.