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Jesse Palmer, former NFL player

Chris Harrison Steps Down; Jesse Palmer Steps Up

Fans and staff were left dumbfounded when Chris Harrison announced that he was going  to “step down” as host and producer of the ABC reality tv show The Bachelor. On Sunday, February 14 ,2021 Chris Harrison was invited to be interviewed on his decision to step aside as host of The Bachelor due to him defending a former contestant's racist behavior. 


Chris Harrison was the host and producer for the reality tv dating series, The Bachelor for nearly two decades. He said in an Instagram post, “I'm so grateful to The Bachelor nation for all of the memories we’ve made together,” Harrison said. “While my two decade journey is wrapping up, the friendships I made will last a lifetime.”


Harrison stepped down from his role  after he defended former Bachelor contestant Rachel Kirckconnel, who was shown in pictures attending a antebellum plantation-themed fraternity formal in 2018. He made comments defending her during an “Extra” interview with former bachelorette Rachel Lindsay.


In the interview Rachel asked him how he felt when he saw the pictures and the comments bashing Kirkconnel for attending that party.. He said he felt sympathy for her and that the criticism she was receiving was unfair because those photos were from the past. When Rachal in response said that it wasn’t a good look for Kirkconnel to attend a party celebrating the antebellum south. Harrison said “Well, Rachel, is it a good look in 2018? Or is it not a good look in 2021? Because there’s a big difference.” Lindsay, who is black was offended when he said this, she said “It's not a good look ever, if I attend that party, what would I represent?” Later Harrison admitted that he made a mistake. 


After Rachel Kirkconnel and Chris Harrison’s scandal started to die down, former NFL and CFL player Jesse Palmer announced that he was going to take over being host for the reality tv dating series The Bachelor this upcoming season. “For more than 20 years, The Bachelor has brought the world dozens of unforgettable love stories, including at one time, my own,” Palmer said in a statement. “Falling in love is one of life’s greatest gifts, and I am humbled by the opportunity to return to the show as host this season to offer the newest Bachelor advice gained from firsthand experience and I am grateful to play a small part in his journey.”


Jesse Palmer made his appearance on The Bachelor as a contestant and was the first non-American star of the franchise as a Canadian, and the youngest Bachelor suitor at 25-years-old. The next season of The Bachelor will also star Clayton Echard. Echard is also a former football player, which is same as Palmer but his casting has not yet been confirmed.  Aside from hosting The Bachelor, Palmer has other partnerships with ABC, ESPN,  he has also hosted for “The Food Network,” and most recently was the host for “DailyMailTv”.


The new upcoming season, Clayton Echard will be the lead for season 26 of  The Bachelor when the reality tv show returns in 2022. ABC announced Monday November 1, that the new season will premiere on January 3, 2022.