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Celebrating Triumphs and Team Spirit: Recap of the 2023 Girls’ Volleyball Season

The 2023-2024 Girls’ Volleyball season ended on October 26th, with a final record of 13-11. A highlight was their team's triumphant win against West Essex, a defining moment that bolstered their confidence.

Seniors Sasha Wanko and Elyse Gola, two pivotal players on the varsity team, contributed significantly to the team’s success.


“Sophmore year was when I really fell in love with the sport,” Wanko said, tracing her volleyball journey back to 7th-grade clinics and recreational teams. In a leadership role, Sasha mentored incoming players during open gyms and supported them during tryouts. 


For Elyse, volleyball had been a passion since 5th grade, sustaining her through challenges like adapting to an unfamiliar position due to a teammate’s injury. Victories against long-standing rivals, West Essex and Bloomfield, are memorable ones for her and reflect the team’s improvement over the season. Post-high school, she aspires to study Hospitality Management and coach in the future. 


Sasha’s mother, Evelin Martins, credited neighbor Lori Robinson’s coaching influence for sparking Sasha’s interest in volleyball. Evelin highlighted Sasha’s mentorship skill and leadership qualities that led to her being named a team captain. 


Mrs. Martins attended games and contributed to fundraising endeavors. Balancing academics and extracurricular pursuits has been Sasha’s forte, according to her mother. A dedicated student, Sasha aims for a pre-med track in college while continuing to play volleyball, either on a club or rec team. 


Gola had advice for prospective volleyball players: “Always be aggressive and ready for any challenge. Volleyball can be a very demanding sport so listen to your body and know what is the best thing for you.  It can be stressful but remember that you're playing because you love it, enjoy every moment, and make the most of it.”