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Mia Dipano doing the book at a wrestling match.

Athletes Are Not the Only Ones that Should Get Recognition

There is always talk about athletes and coaches, however, the NHS student sport managers do not get enough attention. Sports have a lot of extra work that the coaches usually take care of, but there is so much that they need extra help. For the past few years the NHS has had student managers for the sports teams. This year, sophomore Madison Walsh is the manager of the girls varsity and JV basketball team. Sophomore Mia Dipiano is also a manager for the wrestling team.  


Madison Walsh

Aside from playing her own sports, Madison is a manager for the Girls' JV and Varsity basketball teams. She managed these teams both her freshman and sophomore year. She also managed football her freshman year but did not continue that this past season. She says, “As a manager, I have to do the book, which involves keeping score, tracking the number of fouls, and more for both teams. I also sometimes record the game.” Managing isn’t something you hear much about but the managers are very involved and a huge help. Madison decided she wanted to manage girls basketball because she used to play up until high school when she decided to not continue playing. 


Ms. Kara McNish is one of the girls basketball coaches. Since Madison Walsh is her manager, McNish says, “We need the manager a lot when coaching, we turn to them for foul counts, time out counts, and any other discrepancies that come up. They are especially important in a close game.” Having a manager is very helpful because they take care of very vital things in the games, such as doing the book during the games.  


Mia Dipiano

She is a part of many school activities, but specifically, she is a manager for wrestling. Since she is a sophomore, she has been managing for two seasons. However, she says, “I’ve done the book for Nutley recreation wrestling at the Parks and Recreation prior to being able to manage the high school team.” She has managed with junior Lia DeMaio and Angelica Laracuente who graduated last year. Mia says “My dad being the coach, being manager was a given, but it was always something I had been interested in being a part of as coming from a wrestling family.” She loves watching wrestling so even though the job is a lot of work, she enjoys it. Wrestling is the only sport Mia manages since she plays both spring and fall sports. 


These are only two of many student sport managers. Overall, they are all a huge help for not only the team but the coaches as well.