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Mr. Siculietano

After 30 Years Mr. Siculietano Says Goodbye To Teaching

Phillip Siculietano is no stranger to Nutley or the Nutley Public School system. Siculietano graduated from Nutley High School in 1982 and began his teaching career in 1992. He is a certified special education teacher specifically in a self-contained LLD program.


Siculientano began the start of his career at Washington elementary school, later went to Spring Garden Elementary, and then to John H. Walker Middle School where he has stayed since. He is also a former president of the Education Association of Nutley and has been for 20 years.  All together  Siculietano has worked 30 years in the Nutley School district. Although he treasures all of his years, this one was a little more special. Siculientano revealed he was retiring, and that this school year would be his last.


Although he loves teaching, Siculietano is ready to pack it in and begin a new chapter in his life. However, this is very bittersweet to him because of his love for teaching and his students. “It was a difficult decision to retire because I truly love helping my students and their families navigate the special education world,” Siculietano explains. 


Some of Siculietano’s fondest memories of teaching have been different activities with his students.  “I have always enjoyed taking our students into the community, it is always a fun adventure,” Siculietano explained. 


Even though Siculietano is eager to begin his future retirement plans he is also saddened. When asked what he will miss the most he explained “I will deeply miss my students and all they have taught me.” 


Siculietano has also learned a tremendous amount from his students and will always remember what they have taught him both in and out of the classroom. “My students struggle with things that we all take for granted. I have learned to be grateful for the smallest of things.” 


Siculietano has numerous plans for the future. For some of his plans, Siculietano explained “I expect to travel more both on cruises and in Europe, and to care for my family.” 


Siculietano’s teachings and work have made a large impact on not only his students and their families but the community as a whole. He will be greatly missed at JHWMS and his legacy of helping students and their families will always be in his heart and there's.