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Lunch Program

Grab and Go Meal Service

The Grab and Go meal distribution system was put into action by Nutley Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Julie Glazer in March 2020 at the start of the COVID pandemic and the shut down of in-person instruction. With the help of the Nutley Family Service Bureau and prepared meals by Pomtonian, this program has been successful and helpful to the community for more than a year. As a way of getting food to students who may need it, the Grab and Go was originally not open to all students. Yet due to the current circumstances of the pandemic, Dr. Glazer shares, “Any student under the age of 18 regardless of school or eligibility for free/reduced lunch are able to be provided with fresh grab and go meals by our food service provider Pomptonian.”



The lunches, given out to all students at Nutley Schools, consist of fresh produce and other nutritious items. Dr. Glazer explains that, “these are fresh foods, not packaged or dried. Grab and Go includes breakfast and fresh, frozen lunch meals for all the students attending school. Directions to heat/serve meals are included with the grab and go bags.”


The Nutley Family Service Bureau Food Pantry receives fresh produce and dairy as well as household goods from Imperfect Produce, US Foods, and donations from nearby bakeries and other food stores. Pomptonian then prepares these meals to be given out to each student. At dismissal times, in-person learning students are able to grab their meals and leave the building.  For students who opted to stay virtual, there is a curbside pick-up. 



To donate, both food or money donations can be made directly to them. Pomptonian uses any extra food to donate to the food pantry, as well. The Nutley Family Service Bureau is also a resource that can be used to those who have trouble finding meals. Dr. Glazer says, “If a person or family needs additional food support, they are instructed to call 973-667-1884. Information is also available on the NFSB website.”



To ensure no student has to worry about when they will find their next meal, the Grab and Go has been extremely impactful to students. Superintendent Dr. Julie Glazer and the programs that have helped put this distribution into action will continue to help the students of Nutley if needed.