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This is Angela and Jessica DeVito celebrating Easter this year

Easter plans for this year

Easter is a very important holiday for Catholics and Christians. This year, like last, many chose to celebrate differently and more safely.  Jessica DeVito, Angela DeVito ,and Katherine Hannon shared what they are doing for Easter. They are all Nutley residents and are freshmen.  


Angela and Jessica and their families are choosing not to travel for this year because of COVID. Angela states “ My mom and dad got the vaccine, but are still not comfortable with traveling for spring break or the holiday of Easter.” It is important that this year people take note of what is going on with COVID to stay safe.


Katherine says that she is, “going on a zoom call with all of my family members so that we can celebrate without having to worry about COVID.”  The situation with Covid is being handled very well by her family to help be mindful of the spread of germs. 


Some ways to celebrate Easter this year safely are to attend virtual churches, host a virtual baking competition, and  also have an Easter egg hunt outdoors.