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Donald Trump standing at a podium in front of the White House

Donald Trump Impeached For the Second Time

The second impeachment trial of former president Donald J. Trump has already concluded. This makes Trump the only president in American history to be impeached twice. Trump has assembled a team of lawyers in order to defend himself against the impeachers, who are mostly Democrats but also some Republicans have joined the cause as well.


The first impeachment, which happened on December 28, 2019, charged Trump with  colluding with Ukraine. This time, the charges are for possibly inciting the Capitol raid (which happened on January 6, 2021) caused by a mob of Trump supporters. Trump and his Republican colleagues are suspected of inciting and encouraging this unlawful behavior.


There have been calls by Democrats on former Vice President Mike Pence to remove Trump via the 25th Amendment. (“We will act with urgency, because this president represents an imminent," Ms Pelosi said in her letter on Sunday. "The horror of the ongoing assault on our democracy perpetrated by this president is intensified and so is the immediate need for action."), where the Vice President can remove a president unfit for office.


A trial in the Senate is unlikely despite its importance to the impeachment process, and Trump himself will not be testifying. This is also historic but, according to some people, not out of line for the past behavior of the former president.  Despite some Republicans siding with the impeachers most are siding with Trump, which will lead to a probable victory for Trump in the impeachment process. Public support for impeachment has been significant, with many people on social media, especially Twitter voicing their support for the cause. Predictably it is mainly pro-Democrat users and public figures voicing their support, though some notable cases of Republicans voicing their support for impeachment are also there.