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Picture of Joe Biden (left) and Donald Trump (right).

Donald Trump and Joseph Biden’s First 30 Days In Office

On January 20, 2021, Joseph R. Biden Jr. was sworn in as the President of the United States of America. He had previously served as Vice President alongside former President Barack Obama for two terms (2008-2017). Former president, Donald Trump, has left the office after only serving for one term. As President Biden gets situated into office, he strives to change some of the executive orders that former President Donald Trump had released. 


Former President Donald Trump served as the 45th President of the United States for one term. During the first two weeks of Donald Trump getting elected into office, he began working to sign new executive orders that would help put America on track. One of those orders was to build a wall that separates Mexico and the United States. This wall was meant to keep immigrants from coming into the United States illegally. Former President Trump also signed a new order to clear roadblocks for the oil pipelines (Dakota Pipeline and Keystone XL Pipeline). Throughout the first 30 days of his presidency, Trump made a funding threat to international groups that promoted abortion. According to Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary at the time, Donald Trump is a “pro-life president and he wants to stand up for all Americans and even the unborn.” Trump also signed a memorandum that stated that agencies could not fill any vacant spots, or create any new ones. 


Surpassing 30 days of his presidency, Trump withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, and also withdrew from the World Health Organization. Later in Donald Trump's term, he had placed a ‘travel ban,’ which restricted seven Muslim countries from entering the United States, with a passport. This ban Trump had placed, Joe Biden has reversed. According to, during Trump's first two weeks in office, he signed 8 executive orders. Compared to Trump, Biden has signed 15 executive orders in less than 24 hours. Some of those orders include revoking the permit that was granted to the Pipelines (Dakota Pipeline and Keystone XL Pipeline). This bill had been vetoed by former President Obama during his presidency,  But had been overturned when Donald Trump stepped into office. Environmentalists and Native Americans, have been fighting to revoke this bill. Throughout Joe Biden's campaign, he made it very clear that he would be reversing some of the laws Donald Trump had placed.


In the first 24 hours of Biden being President, he put a halt to the construction of Trump's border wall. Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Accord. President Biden's Envoy says that rejoining the Paris agreement will, “restore America's credibility and commitment”. Also rejoined the World Health Organization, which Donald Trump had left. A new executive order that he enforced, was that any international travelers needed to provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test, to ensure safety. President Biden also extended the federal student loan payment to September 30th. However, there were some orders that Donald Trump had places that haven't been removed. Like the mask mandate rule, which requires one to be wearing a mask in airports or on any form of transportation. 


In other words, the citizens of the United States reflect on what laws had been placed. As President Biden has been welcomed into office, American as a whole have now watched Donald Trump guide America for four years. Now as a country, America looks forward to seeing what Joe Biden can do for the economy and the environment.