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tim Tebow

Dez Bryant Comments on Tim Tebow Signing

Thirty-three-year old former quarterback Tim Tebow has recently been signed to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Many fans were shocked and some even raised an eyebrow. The quarterback, out of Florida, hasn’t played since 2013 and is assigned to play tight end in this upcoming season. The Jaguars have agreed to a one-year contract for $900,000 with no money guaranteed or injury split. This forces Tebow to work to be an active player on the roster. Although signing free agents is nothing new, this case is different. Players were shocked and some were comparing this to Colin Kaperinick. 


Dez Bryant was quick to make a response on Twitter saying, "No hate, but you gotta be kidding me." The tweet sparked some tension and created arguments. Fans were defending Dez, but others not so much. Many people were quick to say that this shouldn’t be a race thing and should be seen strictly as a signing. Back in 2016 Kapernick started a peaceful protest during the national anthem and kneeled. It wasn't until it got some attention and he was released in 2017. Many believe that Kapernick wasn’t signed because of his actions and to this day Colin Kapernick is still a Free Agent. Others say he wasn’t signed because he hasn't played in a long time. 


It wasn’t until Tebow was signed were people decided to voice opinions. After much attention surrounding Dez’s Tweet, he put out another tweet on May 10th, clarifying what his tweet meant. “This is not a slight to Tebow. I’m happy for Tebow and want everyone to succeed.” He said. “Pay ATTENTION to what goes on around the US and look deeper between the lines.” 


In his tweet he also said that this is a reason he preaches black unity for the community. But it wasn't just Dez that was upset. Eric Dickerson was furious hearing about the signing and had something to say. 


The situation has been a talked about topic recently and many people are questioning the signing. From not playing a single game since 2012 from being the tight-end for the Jaguars next season. Was this the right decision for the Jags?