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Bhuvan Dave posing on the Senior Cruise

"Cruisin' Outta" Nutley: Class of 2020

The ship has sailed as the senior class of Nutley High School took their lap around the Hudson on September 17, 2019 for the annual Senior Cruise. This tradition commemorates the beginning of the end of high school. With this event comes glamour from top-to-bottom as students fish for top notch outfits and pay for perfected hair. But, the anticipation is now over as the fancy food has been digested and the over-the-top pictures have been posted to Instagram


The night began at Nutley High School as all attendees gathered in their glamour. From sparkly heels to shiny suits, students took pride in their perfected outfits. Many students even left school early to get  their nails, makeup, and hair done. After all basked in the beauty and elegance of their fellow classmates and friends appearance, everyone gathered in prepared groups, made by the faculty, onto buses in which transported everyone to Hoboken, where the cruise awaited their entrance. The class then excitedly rushed onto the spacious boat where countless tables stood before them throughout floor decks. 


“I really enjoyed how no one felt left out,” said NHS senior Bhuvan Dave. “Everyone talked to everyone. It didn’t feel like the cliche high school experience with clicks and circles. People seemed to be themselves, carefree just dancing on the dance floor.


The immediate action of the students was not the dance floor, however, it was the view; more specifically, the camera view. With the perfect background and stunning attire, it was inevitable for the class to turn to their iphones for pleasing, postable pics. 


Although the pictures seemed to be the students’core objective, it was, as Mrs. Jessica Coppola, a senior class advisor, put it, “a great opportunity for you guys to pretend that you’re adults for a night.” From the fancy attire to mingling friends at classy tables, it’s safe to say that statement holds truth.  


The excitement couldn’t have happened without the hard work of the senior class advisors, Mrs. Coppola and Mr. Bryan Abbio. Tracing all the way back to April of last year, Mrs. Coppola and Mr. Abbio worked tirelessly in making sure the cruise went as well as possible. From contacting to coordinating to paying, it was then up to the students to sign up by the deadline. Although there were a few bumps with dues for the senior class, the turn out was larger than expected. With almost the whole class attending the cruise, quite a few buses were needed, one in which had difficulty making it as the night came to an end. But even with that nerve wracking incident, the team got it handled and the night ended with tired smiles across the board.