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Soldiers stationed on the borders

Crisis on the Polish Border

On November 24, a large build up of migrants coming from Belarus attempted to enter the EU from Poland. They were stopped, however, by Polish border troops and the oncoming winter. This has caused what some are calling a “humanitarian crisis” as thousands of the migrants were left without shelter and with little food and water as winter approaches. 


Early in November, migrants from the Middle Wast have been staying in the Białowieża Forest near the Polish border in what is described as “freezing temperatures.” According to, “Belarus has been accused of encouraging migrants to fly to its capital Minsk, before pushing them toward the border with Poland, and even encouraging them to clash with Polish authorities.” It has also been said that this is more of a political issue between the two nations and that the Polish government is only escalating the crisis to keep power. According to the New York Times, “The governing Law and Justice party’s tough stance on migrants seeking to enter the E.U. from Belarus has lifted its popularity, which had taken blows from Covid and rising inflation.”


Additionally, allies of Poland such as the Czech republic have also pledged to send troops, but have canceled that order as the defense ministry recognized that the crisis was dying down. This however goes directly against what the Polish government is saying as according to NY times, “Warsaw is insisting that the struggle rages on, with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki declaring on Sunday that “at this very moment, a hybrid war is taking place on the Polish-Belarusian border.” However this appears to be just for now. According to, “The Czech Republic will hold off on sending up to 150 soldiers for now to help Poland protect its border with Belarus after the migrant situation stabilized, the Czech defense minister said on Monday.”


As the crisis dies down and the Polish Prime Minister claims it is getting worse, other countries have claimed it is either a humanitarian crisis and that Poland is in the wrong while others are claiming that Poland is being a hero and doing a good thing. Thankfully however the crisis is dying down and hopefully order will be restored.