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A Complete Difference

On October 22, 2020, the rematch was on in the second Presidential Debate. President Donald Trump vs. Democratic nominee Joe Biden was the main focus in the first second national debate. The first debate took place on September 29. 


Many criticized the first debate for the lack of decorum. Three days prior to the second debate, there was a critical decision to mute the microphone of the opposition while one candidate was giving an answer to a topic. This drew a lot of attention because there has never been any type of changes made to the debate.


In addition to this change, six topics were predetermined for the debate: COVID-19, race in America, difficulties with families, national security, leadership and climate change. Debate  moderator, Kristen Welker of NBC was praised for keeping the debate running smoothly. She made sure the opposition was quiet when a candidate expressed their values, when a candidate wanted to argue a point, they were given 30 seconds of time for a rebuttal, and the candidates made sure to answer the question directly and to the point. Welker ordered both men to “speak, one at a time” and expressed a level of leadership.