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Braden Somers

Braden Somers; A 13 Year Old Businesswoman

Local businesses have always been crucial to small towns like Nutley. Many companies in town have been around for generations. However, Nutley also stands as a great place to start a completely brand new business. In April of this year, Nutley Public Schools held its second annual Trep$ Marketplace. The marketplace encouraged students, in grades four through eight, to chase after their business ideas and try to make them into a reality. For JHWMS eighth grader, Braden Somers, this marketplace gave her a start to a new company.

“Somers 27 Soap Co sells handmade soap which is made from a goat milk soap base,” says Braden Somers. In April, Braden wanted to make a product for the Trep$ Marketplace. “I needed an idea of a product to sell and I came across goat milk soap and it took off from there.” Braden was only 12-years-old when she started the company and is now 13. In her free time, she plays softball and is part of the Nutley Raider Marching Band.

One of Somer 27’s main focuses is environmental friendliness and sustainability. Braden wanted to use a goat milk base for her soap because, “a lot of people have sensitive skin and soaps from stores have harmful chemicals. My soaps are perfect for all skin types,” she said.


Somer 27 Soap Company also boasts the fact that none of their products are packaged with single-use plastics. In fact, Braden has even appeared in front of the Nutley Board of Commissioners in an effort to completely ban plastic bags in Nutley. 

At such a young age, Braden Somers embodies a student who is dedicated to up-keeping the well-being of her community. Somers 27 Soap Co can be found at the Nutley Farmers Market on most Sundays. “We also do local deliveries and my products could be found in Pretty Handy,” says Braden. Find their pages on Facebook and Instagram.