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Athletes Give First impressions on Joining Track

Like other sports at NHS, participating in track can be demanding, especially for a student first entering high school. Team members are expected to stay in shape and train even on days when they don't have practice. 


Freshman Kathleen Castro says, ‘’at first starting something new made me feel overwhelmed, anticipating what it will be like.’’  She says that the first day of practice she wasn’t expecting to run that much. As she kept on going to practice she thought that ‘’it was something that she could look forward to after school.’’ 


Even though it was hard at first she enjoys pushing herself to get better as the track season continues. She loves that she is able to do a sport with her friends because it makes it more fun and enjoyable.  


Junior Vincent Zacchia also didn't know what to expect when he first tried out for the team. "I started track three years ago, not knowing if I would enjoy it or not.'' After doing it for the past years, he says he has begun to love it, especially when spring track comes because of how nice the weather is. He describes how joining track made him more open to trying new events. When describing what events he tried out for, he said, ‘’I  started to do shot put and discus and immediately loved it. He has been doing track ever since.


Freshman team member Makayla Zacchia says, ‘’I originally started to try pole vaulting but instead went to sprinting because I liked it better.’’ She says that at first it was hard running that much at a time but it really motivates her and pushes her to do her best because of how challenging it can be. 


The athletes show how they all tried something new and how it is hard work at first but it eventually became fun for them to try something completely different that they haven’t done before. It creates a space where students can go and have fun outside of school. 


Track is a unique sport because it gives students an opportunity to compete in an event where they can use their particular skill and strength. Events include sprinting, long distance running, shot put, discus, pole vault and javelin.