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Sam Gabriele

The Achievements Of Samantha Gabriele

In Nutley High School, many students come and go, leaving their mark behind them as they graduate.  Many are remembered as someone who played sports, got good grades, or for being a great role model. A senior, who will graduate later this year, embodies all of these things, Samantha Gabriele.  Samantha, or also known as Sam, is a student-athlete on the varsity girls soccer team and track teams who works hard at what she does to make sure her goals are accomplished.   


Over the past four years, Sam has attended Nutley High School and within those years, she has had several achievements. She has been on the girls varsity soccer team for all four years and has started almost all of the games.  She is also apart of a club soccer team called TSF and participates in winter and spring track here at NHS. She has contributed a lot of her life towards these sports and with her, a lot are able to succeed.  


Her NHS soccer coach, Coach DiPiano, states, “Sam has impacted our program since the first day she stepped on the field for us. She is small in stature only because she plays big. Her work ethic is through the roof, and she has done a great job leading this team both on and off the field for the last four years.”  Sam’s overall academic study is something that she also worked hard on over the years. These past years she has made herself known through her talent, intellect, personality, and so much more.   


In the near future, Sam has already committed on going to Montclair State University in New Jersey as a Communications and Media major.  She is also planning on playing for the soccer team within the college as well. She worked hard to get there and continues to strive to accomplish her life long goals.  She states, “I’ve always wanted to go into the Communications field ever since I was younger, more specifically in the TV Broadcasting or film industry.”   


Through all of her hard work, Sam was able to achieve many great things.  Recently, one of her achievements was being recognized with the Frank Cocchiola award. This award is given out to the player the coach feels was a great leader, team player, and someone who shows good character both on and off the field.  Coach DiPiano had presented this award to her and stated, “She is going to be a very tough player to replace. That is not just because of her soccer skills, but because of the fine young woman, she has become. I am very proud of her and I know she will do great things on the next level.”  


On the receiving end, Sam stated, “I was so honored to be this year's recipient.”  Another achievement that Sam is very proud of would be one of her academic achievements which is earning her Seal of Biliteracy in Italian.  “I have taken the class for six years at this point and it is very fulfilling to see hard work pay off,” Sam added.  


Sam’s legacy and the positive impact she is going to leave here at Nutley High School, will continue to encourage and lead many victories of others.  Whether those victories are wins from games or just accomplishing a life long goal. From her positive attitude to smarts, to her talent Sam has shown many what she is capable of and why she is where she is today.