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All It Takes is a Hello

All across the country, there have been countless mass shootings occurring in schools, malls, grocery stores, and churches in 2019 alone. On December 14, 2012, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred in Newtown, Connecticut. Sandy Hook Promise was founded by parents and loved ones who lost family members on that day. According to their website, their goal is to, “create a culture engaged in preventing shootings, violence, and other harmful acts in schools.”



Nutley High School Takes on a New Healthy Change

Nutley High School offers its students multiple opportunities to contribute to the community around them, while also providing great ways to earn volunteer hours. One of those opportunities is to be part of clubs at NHS like the Human Relations Club, where members do volunteer work around town. One of the volunteer jobs the club does is planning and hosting parties for the elders in Nutley's senior homes. The club also participated in Project Linus, a non-profit organization which creates and distributes homemade blankets to children in need.


Take Me Out to the Ball Game… 2,441 Miles Away

If you ask almost any student in high school right now if they’ve ever owned an Instagram fan account for a celebrity, sports player or team, the answer would likely be yes. They probably would tell you that the account wasn’t gaining enough followers and likes so they stopped using that account and gave up on their dreams of their idol noticing them. For Jaron Kiviat, that most certainly is not the case. In April 2014, he created his account for the New York Mets on Instagram, NYM_NEWS. Now with 73.4K followers and counting, the senior in high school is thriving.



Camp Nutley Now Open for Registration

Summer is the warmest of all the seasons; the days are longer. With all the exciting events that go with summer, the days fly by without notice. Here in Nutley, there are many events and opportunities for adventure and exploration, one of them being Nutley's annual summer camp which is held in town at the Parks and Recreation Department at 44 Park Ave. Camp Nutley offers other amenities such as a recreation gym, Owens and Glotzbach Parks. 



Senior Lisle Hill Leads NHS Robotics Team

Tucked into the end of the hallway in the first floor annex, the Nutley High School Robotics Team prepares their very own automated creations for competition. Programmers work to write code for the robot to give it directions, while builders create the structure. Senior Lisle Hill leads the group as captain, and has worked as a builder and driver, but stepped back this year to prepare underclassmen for future years.



NHS Culinary Class Remains a Favorite for Students

Nutley High School's Culinary Arts Program gives students the chance to learn more about cooking different recipes, basic foods, and the concept of giving back to the community.  The class is the most popular elective at NHS because most students are interested in cooking and food.The teachers for the program are  Mr. John Gulardo and Mr. Tarik Huggins. They put a lot of effort into the class to make it a great experience for the students taking it. It takes a lot of hard work to teach high schoolers how to cook.



Mayor Scarpelli Visits the Maroon and Gray at NHS

The town of Nutley has many influential people who keep it in order; one of those people is Dr. Joseph P. Scarpelli, who currently serves as the Township's mayor.  Dr. Scarpelli is also serving his third term on the Nutley Board of Commissioners as one of the five commissioners in town. As a commissioner, each has a specific department to run. Mayor Scarpelli is the director of Public Works. 



A Well-Deserved Award

Yantacaw Elementary School’s nurse, Mrs. Katherine Flannery, recently received the Jaycee Educator of the Year Award. She has been a school nurse for 25 years and at Yantacaw for 19 years. The award was given to Mrs. Flannery at a dinner at the Valley Regency on April 5, 2019.


“I can't put into words what a wonderful honor it is to be named Jaycee Educator of the Year. It is truly a great feeling to be recognized for the work you do and love,” said Mrs. Flannery.



Language Honor Society Inducts 90 NHS Students

Nutley High School gives students an opportunity to take one of three languages during their time in school: Latin, Spanish, and Italian. After completing three years of studies in a language, students have the ability to be accepted into the prestigious Language Honor Society for that language. The Language Honor Society is a mix of students who excel in the language class they take.



A “Fresh Perspective” on Nutley’s Young Artists

In 1989, the Fresh Perspectives exhibition began at the second largest museum in New Jersey, The Morris Museum. According to the museum’s website, this exhibit is, “an outlet for artistically-accomplished New Jersey high school students to express their curiosity and creativity.” In its 30th year, the exhibit features two Nutley High School seniors, Zawar Ahmed and Vishva Rana, and many other talented high school artists in New Jersey.



Matthew’s Journey: A Story of Electronics Addiction and Recovery, A Parent's Personal Account

by Cynthia McNulty


My nine-year-old son, Matthew, is an addict. Matthew is addicted to video games and electronics. And although it might not sound like a big deal, it is. 


On Super Bowl Sunday, I allowed my son to binge play on his iPad so I could watch the game without being disturbed. He was out of my hair, quiet and happy, so why not? What happened after that is why I will never allow that to happen again.



The Spectacular Sebek

When March rolls around, you will most likely start to see the Nutley High School’s yearly musical’s posters around the town. Mr. Michael Gurrieri, the director of the NHS musicals and an English teacher, chooses the performances each year. The 2019 NHS production was Newsies, which was performed on March 7, 8 and 9.  Eric Sebek, an 18-year-old senior with a passion for theater, was cast as the lead role, Jack Kelly.



A New Beginning: Mr. Christian Sousa

With Mrs. Tarquini going maternity leave, Mr. Christian Sousa the 24-year old physical education teacher from Newark, New Jersey, attempts to solidify his position at Nutley High School as her leave-replacement teacher. Mr. Sousa attended Kean University for four years and he was set on being a physical education teacher since his freshman year there. Prior to college, Sousa attended Elizabeth High School in Newark, New Jersey for four years. At Elizabeth High School, Sousa played for the school’s varsity soccer and tennis teams for multiple seasons.



Behind the Scenes with Mr. Gaines

With the school year winding down, there have been some changes at Nutley High School. Mr. Gaines is one of the many new additions to the staff. His current position is the new choir teacher. He is a leave replacement for Mrs. Monte while she is on maternity leave.


Mr. Gaines previously taught at The University Heights, a charter school in Newark. He taught there for four years, teaching general music to elementary and middle school students. Now, he is a teacher here at NHS and it has been a great experience for him.