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2020 Key Sports Moments And Recap

2020 has been a year of a lot of sadness. To cope with this sadness, people all around the world relied on sports to keep their spirits up. Even though 2020 has been a year filled with miserable moments, 2020 was a pretty good year for sports. The NBA had to enter a bubble in order to continue the season. The NFL and MLB had to follow protocols to be able to play this year.


The MLB season was reduced to 60 games, and even though the regular season was shorter than usual, the season was still filled with stunning moments and plays. The Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays. This was the Dodgers first World Series win in 32 years; they last won the title in 1988. The city of Los Angeles and the Dodgers plan to continue the dominance and bring home another title for the 2021 season. Many players signed multi-million dollar contracts and got traded away to different teams. The top five highest paid players in the MLB right now are Mike Trout, Gerrit Cole, Max Scherzer, Zack Greinke, Stephen Strasburg, and Nolan Arenado. All of these players receive 33 million dollars per year and higher.


The NFL season has changed a lot this year due to Covid-19. Covid-19 caused 66 players to opt out of the season, no preseason games were played, no games were allowed to be played in London. Patrick Mahomes, the QB of the Kansas City Chiefs signed the largest deal in NFL history, he signed for 10 years, $503 million, which is $45 million per year.


The Kansas City Chiefs also won the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers 31-20. This was Kansas City’s first Super Bowl win since 1970, it has been 50 years since their last Super Bowl win. Some of the biggest offseason moves going into the season consisted of DeAndre Hopkins getting traded to the Cardinals, Stefon Diggs getting traded to the Bills, Calais Campbell getting traded to the Ravens, and DeForest Buckner getting traded to the Colts.


The NBA season was filled with ups and downs inside and outside of the league. A big thing that affected everybody in the world was the death of Kobe Bryant, and his daughter Gianni Bryant. They died on their way to Gianni’s basketball game in a helicopter crash. Another big change that affected everybody was the switch to the NBA bubble halfway through the season.


Big trades that happened during the 2020 season were Chris Paul getting traded to the Suns, Kelly Oubre Jr. getting traded to the Warriors, Jrue Holiday getting traded to the Bucks, and Russell Westbrook getting traded to the Wizards. The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. With this Championship win, it ties the Boston Celtics with the most final wins in NBA history with 17. This was the Lakers last NBA finals win since Kobe led the Lakers in 2010.


Sports brought people joy and happiness this year, even though some of sports greatest legends passed away in 2020. Even though 2020 was not the year expected, it did bring some great moments. New stars were born and many memorable moments happened throughout the year. Hopefully, 2021 can provide us with even more excitement and help us take a break from the stress going on in the world right now.